**Omaha Federation of Labor has endorsed the Re- Elect Larry Bradley for NRD 2020!**


We are pleased to inform you that the Sierra Club has endorsed your candidacy in the Papio Missouri River Natural Resource District, Subdistrict 3, race in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment.


**Nebraska Farmers Union endorses Larry Bradley fo NRD 2020.

  The incumbent NRD Director DR. Larry Bradley is the candidate of choice when it comes to office of Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources, District #3.  First, let us look at the Great Floods of March 2019 that hit the State of Nebraska, specifically, the greater Omaha Metropolitan area.  Citizens were relying upon elected officials with experience in natural disasters.  Dr. Larry Bradley, NRD Director of District #3, had the experience of the Missouri River Floods of 2011 when Offutt Air Force Base was under threat from flood waters.  Once again in March of 2019, an immense blizzard in the heartland, along with heavy rain in the Missouri Valley area, created unprecedented flooding of major rivers in eastern Nebraska.  Many of Omaha's highway traffic routes and supply lines were cut off.  

    Director and Treasurer of the Papio-Missouri River NRD Larry Bradley, along with other experienced NRD Directors, signed an emergency declaration for the expedient handling of affairs within numerous areas of the NRD District.  Not only that, but Director Bradley was part of the team of many elected officials from all across the political spectrum to help floodwater victims and businesses.  It did not matter if you were a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, during the Great Flood of March 2019.  Every Nebraska public official from Federal, State, and local offices worked together to solve immediate and impending problems.  

    The Papio-Missouri River NRD was just weeks away from updating and reinforcing levees that protected Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, NE before the March 2019 flood occurred.  As a veteran of the United States Army, a Cold War veteran, and cousin to former Five Star General Omar Bradley, DR. Larry Bradley knew about the vital mission for Offutt Air Force Base to keep America safe.  Director Larry Bradley also knew of the local business aspect and what an economic engine Offutt Air Force Base is to eastern Nebraska.  NRD Director Larry Bradley voted for the emergency declaration and other agenda items to quickly have a host of contractors and engineering firms immediately begin work on floodwater damage. 

    Second, during the Great Flood of March 2019, much of the Omaha metropolitan area, and NRD District #3 was out of floodwater danger.  Why?  Because from 2008 to 2012, and 2016 till now, NRD Director Larry Bradley and others had voted for projects that were designed to protect the citizens for just such a natural disaster.  In 2008 the United States underwent the Great Recession.  There were numerous lay-offs of employees, housing bubble collapse, and the banking industry needed federal help.  Newly elected NRD Director Larry Bradley felt it was everyone's civic duty to get Americans back to work.  Dr. Larry Bradley voted for flood protection projects in and around the Omaha metropolitan area. This long list of votes of approval by Director Bradley allowed for the creation of jobs, expansion of the tax base, and protect Omaha from a future natural disaster.  

    Third, NRD Director Larry Bradley grew up in poverty in the inner-city of Omaha.  The only places Bradley had to fish were the city ponds of Benson, Hanscom, and Hitchcock.  Once DR. Larry Bradley was elected to the Papio-Missouri River NRD, he did his best to advance the construction of reservoirs around the Omaha metropolitan area that would one, protect citizens from floodwater, and two, upgrade the recreational quality of life for everyone in the city.  Director Bradley realized not every citizen of Omaha can afford fishing trips to Minnesota, Ozarks, or outstate Nebraska.  Some inner-city families can only rely on outdoor recreational opportunities created by and in conjunction with Papio-Missouri River NRD, City of Omaha, Douglas County, and Nebraska Game and Parks.  NRD Director Larry Bradley has many times voted for cost-sharing projects with other local government entities on projects that includes biking and walking trails, hunting and fishing opportunities, and general outdoor park upkeep.  

    Fourth, after seven years on the Papio-Missouri River NRD Board, Director Larry Bradley was elected to the position of Treasurer by fellow board members.  The first year it was a six to four vote.  By the second year the vote was unanimous.  The very latest annual audit of the Papio-Missouri River NRD has received one of best and highest ratings ever.  This is very integral for the tax payers who expect nothing less from their public taxing entities.  Treasurer Larry Bradley of the NRD oversees an annual approximate budget of $70 Million dollars.  DR. Larry Bradley is bonded and insured.  On a side note, DR. Larry Bradley was recently employed as seasonal hire for the National Park Service.  Bradley had to undergo, and pass two levels of security background checks because he handled monies for the U.S. Department of Interior.  Treasurer Larry Bradley of the NRD has the experience the citizens demand.

    Fifth, DR. Larry Bradley was unanimously elected by fellow NRD Board members to be the Missouri River Tributaries Basin representative for the Natural Resources Commission of the State of Nebraska.  This NRC seat represents the largest metropolitan city in Nebraska (Omaha).  Most recently, Director Larry Bradley was able to vote for the City of Omaha to receive a one million dollar grant for the separation of the sewer system as mandated by the Federal Government.  Also, Director Larry Bradley helped garner a $400,000 grant for the Papio-Missouri River NRD to have the ability to create digital mapping for a vital groundwater basin in it's jurisdiction.

    Sixth, NRD Director Larry Bradley has been teaching Environmental Geology at UNO for two decades now.  DR. Larry Bradley's educational background consists of a B.S. Biology (UNO), M.A. Biology (UNO), Ph.D. Geography (UNL), and two Minors in Geology and Native American Studies.  Director Larry Bradley has the expertise to work in many of the required areas to see that the overall mission of the NRD is fulfilled.  Bradley has the temperament and goodwill to have solid working relationships with all Papio-Missouri River NRD Personnel.  

    Finally, NRD Director Larry Bradley has been with his wife Sylvia for almost 30 years now.  They have two children and one grandchild.  Larry's wife Sylvia graduated from Creighton.  DR. Larry Bradley graduated from the University of Nebraska.  The Cornhusker married a Bluejay.  (See more in upcoming Education section.)  It greatly helps to have a stable home life.  And yes, Sylvia gave Larry Bradley permission to run for Re-Election to the Papio-Missouri River NRD once again.           

DR. Larry Bradley.  Technical High School, Omaha Nebraska.  B.S. Biology, UNO '97'.  M.A. Biology, UNO '01'.  Ph.D. Geography, UNL '10'.  Minors in Geology (50 Credit Hours) and Native American Studies.


    Dr. Larry Bradley has lectured on the subject of Environmental Geology at the collegiate level for two decades now.  Dr. Bradley has taught courses in Native American Studies, Botany Labs, Historical Geology Labs, and Physical Geography Labs within the University of Nebraska system.  In 2005 Larry Bradley was noticed by environmental watch dogs because of his tough questions at neighborhood meetings on lead soil contamination.  Subsequently, Larry Bradley was nominated by State Senator Don Preister, and appointed by Governor Dave Heineman, to the Environmental Quality Council as the Minority Populations Representative from 2005 to 2009.  Bradley has also served on the Government Affairs Committee of the international science organization, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. 

    Dr. Larry Bradley's civic duty has included being a Commander at a local veterans post for eight years.  He has also served as President of a local Irish Brotherhood paternal organization for three years.  Dr. Larry Bradley is a member of the Knight of Columbus, Council #3019.  Bradley has been a youth coach for Hillside Little League, Catholic Youth League, and the YMCA.  In his youth Larry Bradley was a member of the Boy Scouts of America, Troop #31.

    Larry Bradley's stepfather, who raised him since he was two years old, was a full-blooded Oglala Lakota.  Bradley has spent his lifetime among Native American tribes of the Great Plains and was recently appointed to the Native American Advisory Council for the Mayor of the City of Omaha.

    Since his youth, Director Larry Bradley has been immersed in outdoor and wildlife activities.  It was only natural he would go on and attain two degrees in Biology.  As an undergraduate he double-majored Biology/Geology.  Ultimately, Bradley would receive a Doctorate in Geography with an emphasis in Historical and Native American Geography.

    Being a Director on the Papio-Missouri River NRD dictates that one has an in-depth understanding of all the constituents and stakeholders from Bellevue to South Sioux City.  This would include two entities of sovereign tribal governments of the Omaha and Winnebago.  Director Larry Bradley has worked across the political spectrum to accomplish the greater good within the Papio-Missouri River NRD Board, as well as City, County, State, and Federal Government.  

    Recently, it was with great pleasure Papio-Missouri River NRD Treasurer Larry Bradley sign off on grant funding for local high schools for their participation in environmental science projects.  Bradley has also signed off on funding for the maintenance of the simulated earth lodge at Blackbird Hill on the Omaha Reservation.  

    Signing checks for projects big and small is one thing, but voting for those projects is another.  As a geographer, Dr. Larry Bradley has the foresight to see how the metropolitan area of Omaha is ever expanding.  Director Larry Bradley always likes to say, "Omaha is the next Kansas City."  One has to only look at a map of Omaha in the 1950s.  Look at Omaha's boundaries in the 1980s.  In 2020 the Omaha metropolitan area is approaching a million people and grown by leaps and bounds.  It is necessary to vote for procurement of land in order to subsequently vote to create flood control projects.  All the while trying to stay ahead of developers building new housing in the next cornfield.  Not all landowners want to sell their property for flood control.  But, many landowners do approach the Papio-Misouri River NRD and ask if the District would purchase their property before developers do.  In that way, many citizens can enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and even ice skating.  Fauna and flora of the Great Plains get preserved.  Director Larry Bradley has always been a big proponent of having the right habitat for pollinators. 

    It is through Natural Science that NRD Director Larry Bradley likes to make his mark.  Bradley has recently voted for a much needed trail project that will run through the inner-city of North Omaha.  Bradley has voted for cost sharing projects with the Nebraska Game and Parks such as renovation for urban park fishing of Hanscom Park pond.  Bradley has voted for bank stabilization efforts to maintain baseball fields that are situated along creek beds.  Youth teams, select baseball organizations, and local high schools can play in a safe environment.  Bradley has voted for big projects such as Kramper Lake in Dakota County, one of the true outdoor gems of eastern Nebraska.  The people of Dakota County wanted this big flood control project as their tax dollars are just as important.  Not only that, but with the most recent Great Flood of March 2019, Kramper Lake saved many citizens from potential flood damage.  NRD Director Larry Bradley takes pride in knowing he has a voting record for projects that people enjoy in the urban and rural areas of the Papio-Missouri River NRD jurisdiction.  In having a notable education in natural science, Dr. Larry Bradley is the logical choice to re-elect to the NRD Board.         

  Please allow us to reiterate a few points at the outset of this message.  NRD Director Larry Bradley has three degrees in natural science.  He has taught environmental geology for two decades at UNO, which every semester he lectures on the scientific method, theory of evolution, hydrologic cycle, and climate change just to name a few concepts.  Dr. Larry Bradley was appointed by the Governor of Nebraska to the Environmental Quality Council.  And, Director Larry Bradley is currently on the Natural Resource Committee for the State of Nebraska.  It must be stated that Larry Bradley has a wealth of experience when dealing with environmental issues that concern the constituents of the Papio-Missouri River NRD.

    Most recently, Director Larry Bradley voted for a cost-sharing project that allowed the Papio-Missouri River NRD team up with the City of Tekamah, to tackle the important issue of abundant nitrates in the towns drinking water.  We must all do our best to ensure we do not have drinking water issues such that occurred in Flint, Michigan.  

    NRD Director Larry Bradley also has a voting history of approving projects for items such as creating hydrogeology digital mapping for groundwater basins within the Papio-Missouri River NRD jurisdiction.  Especially, the area downstream from the proposed Costco Chicken Plant in Fremont, Nebraska.  Dr. Larry Bradley has voted for the approval of having the University of Nebraska system set up water quality monitoring stations in the Platte River.  He has also voted for cost-sharing funding with UNO for Glacier Creek Preserve near Bennington, Nebraska of which numerous scientific studies for biology and soil morphology have been published by undergraduate and graduate students.  Director Larry Bradley has voted for the remediation of lakes after an invasion of the dreaded zebra mussel.  He has also voted for the approval of planting flowers and milkweed so vital pollinators such as bees and butterflies have a food source.  The list of projects and items with concern to the environment NRD Director Larry Bradley has voted in favor of is quite extensive.

    A few months ago Director Larry Bradley proposed an agenda item that mandated if any NRD personnel, or any contractor working on a NRD project, ever found a paleontological resource (fossil) of significance, they would have to correspond with all the proper government agencies including the local tribal governments.  The vote on the NRD Board was unanimous.  

    The current Treasurer of the Papio-Missouri River NRD, Director Larry Bradley, has signed numerous checks for Conservation Assistance that is provided for area farmers and landowners.  He has signed checks for funding to ensure local high school science classes get to participate in environmental science projects of their own design.  Director Larry Bradley has voted for the approval of funding for events such as Earth Day at Elmwood Park.  In fact, Director Larry Bradley has been invited to speak at Earth Day events in Omaha and Bellevue numerous times.

    With respect to issues concerning the environment, be it educating students, approving the remediation of environmental degradation, or ensuring all citizens get to enjoy the wonderful outdoor parks, lakes, and trails, Dr. Larry Bradley is the right candidate and logical choice for District #3 of the Papio-Missouri River NRD.